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Eagle GT History - My Findings

The below is my genealogy of the Eagle GT and its designer creator Barry Goldstein; based on many references in Kit Car articles. Some assumptions have been made based on certain information and in no means represents to be the gospel truth.

Barry Goldstein’s company called Eagle has been in existence for more that 27 years as a design studio for various art & sculpture projects and automotive design & prototypes. In 1978, Eagle Manufacturing was established to handle Barry’s prototypes of design inspired cars like the Ferrari Dino 246 GTS and later the Ferrari 250 GTO, Porsche Speedster, Cobra.

Eagle’s first prototype (named Eagle GT1 then GT2) on a VW chassis was first sold to friends and associates and in 1980, Barry went public with the Eagle GT1. After a brief association, Eagle broker John Graham (Custom Classics in Bellflower, CA) borrowed the design to create the Karma in early 1981. John had his molds finished by Wayne Jacobson with Corsair, and after a short period of time, sold the molds and business to Lyle which marketed it as the Magnum.

Some time around 1981, after being impressed with driving a friend’s Porsche 914, Barry applied the same Dino influenced body style to the Porsche 914 and called the Eagle GT. This kit was advertised in several different kit car magazines as manufactured by Eagle Manufacturing in San Jose, CA in mid 1982, and Campbell, CA in later 1982.

Over a 3+ year span, Barry created as many as 6 sets of molds with different variations for the Eagle GT1, GT2, and GT. Some of the variations include modified bumpers from a ’67 Corvette Coupe, windshield swap from a TR7, a convertible top from the TR7, and numerous nose and rear end changes. During this time, Eagle Company employed 93-7 employees, depending on winter or summer months, with Eagle Manufacturing producing between 35-40 cars a year, according to Barry.

Eagle Manufacturing also created a prototype car inspired by the Ferrari 250 GTO on a Datson 240/260 Z staring in 1981, and sold as many as 7 cars as the Eagle GT from late 1982 to early 1983. Sometime in late 1983, Eagle dealer Joe Alphabet, purchased from Eagle Manufacturing the molds and marketing of the 250 GTO. Alpha Design & Engineering closed the doors on manufacturing the Alpha 1 in 1990.

The last of the Eagle GT advertising ran in the magazines in early 1984 in which the business shut down in that year. The molds were sold to Bob Warren and a Mr. Dell with Wardell Manufacturing in Campbell, CA and in 1985 the phones to Wardell were disconnected. In 2004, I visted with Bob Warren and picked up his Eagle GT literature and installation page along with both sets of molds.

History - Harold Pace

(Above - Harold Pace car historian)

(Written by Harold Pace)